Accessibility Assessments & Consulting

Taylored Accessibility assessments are designed for all built environments. It is for seniors and persons with disabilities, who wish to independently remain in their own homes for as long as possible. It is for business owners who understand that, by removing barriers to persons with disabilities, there is an opportunity to serve all members of their community and provide meaningful, accessible employment opportunities to broaden the workforce. It is for both private and public property.

We will conduct a thorough audit of your space and produce a comprehensive report based on our assessment findings. Our report will identify accessibility issues, as well as provide practical recommendations to address those issues.

  • Currently, people with physical disabilities represent 14% of consumer spending. By 2030, this amount is anticipated to grow to 21%. *

* The Conference Board of Canada’s 2018 report – The Business Case to Build Physically Accessible Environments.

Accessibility Assessments & Consulting
Lectures & Seminars

Lectures & Seminars

Our post-secondary institutions educate designers and architects the fundamentals of basic accessibility through an introduction to minimum codes, which is a good start. Unfortunately, in many cases, minimum code is not good enough to provide an inclusive design for a universally accessible environment.

Taylored Accessibility wants architects and designers to succeed in producing beautiful spaces that are accessible to all. To accomplish this objective, we are proud to offer seminars and lectures, to provide greater understanding of the elements needed to include all members of society with meaningful access to the built environment. An introductory overview of accessibility can be provided through our Lunch & Learn program. If you are looking for something more in-depth and focused, we have developed the Designers and Architects Seminar Series. We will provide you with the knowledge needed to create universally accessible spaces through our action-based learning.

One of the greatest barriers facing seniors and persons with disabilities are attitudinal behaviours, perceptions, and assumptions that are discriminatory toward them. Our Inclusive Behaviours Seminar is a learning opportunity for businesses and their customer service personnel to be better prepared and more knowledgeable in appropriately interacting with customers with a disability. News of bad customer service travels quickly in the digital age, resulting in outrage by the public. Our seminar will assist in providing an inclusive customer experience, as well as mitigating the potential for tarnishing your brand’s image.

Renovations & Retro-fitting


Removing barriers and adding accessible features can create an environment that will potentially allow seniors and persons with disabilities to remain living independently in their own homes longer.

Whether projects are identified through our assessment services, or identified and requested by you, our professional tradespeople are on hand to offer their skilled expertise to competently renovate or modify your home.

(Assistance in applications for government funding available for those who qualify.)


Persons with disabilities account for 14% of consumer spending, and they can only conduct business in accessible businesses.

By 2030, spending by this group is anticipated to grow at three times the pace of overall population. *

Barriers to persons with disabilities is a barrier to profits. The outcome from appropriate modifications to your space will prove to be mutually beneficial.

Whether projects are identified through our assessment services, or identified and requested by you, our professional tradespeople are on hand to offer their skilled expertise to competently renovate or modify your place of business.

* Source- Rick Hansen Foundation

Renovations & Retro-fitting
Drafting & Design

Drafting & Design

The starting point of a successful transformation to a physically accessible space is to put plans on paper. Taylored Accessibility’s design and drafting department will meet with clients to turn complex ideas into brilliantly executed strategies. By producing professionally drafted drawings, we can provide you with fully dimensioned technical plans and/or a 3D visual representation of the finished product, so you know exactly what to expect before the work commences.

We provide designs for discerning clients in all sectors including; retail, hospitality, restaurant, corporate office and single or multi family residential.

Rick Hansen Foundation Accessibility Certification™ (RHFAC)

Taylored Accessibility proudly offers the Rick Hansen Foundation Accessibility Certification™ (RHFAC). This LEED-style program, hosted by CSA Group, measures the level of meaningful access that a commercial, institutional, or multi-unit residential building and site provides. A rating of “Accessible” or “Accessible Gold” can be listed on the public registry and qualify for obtaining a plaque or label, showcasing your accessibility commitment to potential clients.

For more information on the RHFAC program, and to book your rating please visit the RHFAC website.